[LINK] Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu in Taipei

Hi Googlers,

Sorry I’ve been a bad website updater. I’ve been writing, have you been reading?

Here’s something fun I wrote:

Hello Kitty Hot Pot Restaurant Gives Visitors Warm Welcome in Taiwan

I will try updating more frequently. Would anyone read if I started food blogging like I did in NYC?



Open Access – Nairobi

Here’s the latest video I edited for EIFL on Open Access from a student’s POV. Remember to watch in HD – you know, 2015 and all.

“Students and faculty at the University of Nairobi discuss how open access is transforming how they access and share knowledge at their institution.”

Learn more here: bit.ly/1C1rWYv

Open Access – Kenya

Happy New Year everyone. Sending warm wishes from Taipei.

Below is a video I edited recently for EIFL on Open Access in Kenya.

“Open access is a powerful solution to the barriers that researchers in developing and transition countries face trying to access and share critical research that can improve people’s lives.”