“UNWIND” Up For Reel 13’s ‘Short of the Week’

Last week, “UNWIND” was up for voting on WNET’s Reel 13 website. We were very excited and proud to have our practicum piece up there. I produced this for my fourth year practicum project last year, with the greatest, most talented and selfless team anyone could ask for.

Going through the submission process brought back so many great memories. Last year on my birthday I slept on a very questionable carpeted floor of an editing lab waiting for the film to render. The team surprised me with a birthday card with kittens on it when they went for a snack break at 4 a.m. — a very sweet memory.

A million thanks to everyone who voted for “UNWIND” on Reel 13. We didn’t win, but it’s confirmed that we have the best family, friends and 370ish other people who voted and support our work.

Someday, I’d like to get together with the team and make art we’re proud of again. It comes naturally when we’re together. Perhaps we’ll all have children and/or vacation cottages by then.

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