Last year, I challenged myself to experiment with yoga and now it’s one of my favourite ways to de-stress and correct horrible posture.

This year, I wanted to learn code. (It’s been a long time coming.) And now I am.

I’m teaching myself code through Code Academy and it’s wonderful. For a while, probably since my college days after I decided that pre-med wasn’t for me, I felt that my brain wasn’t being stimulated or challenged enough. (Grad school days are another beast, but it was more emotions and anxiety than anything else.) In high school, I loved completing calculus problem sets, knowing the correct answer was waiting for me in the back of the textbook. Every time I completed a difficult problem, I’d draw a smiley face next to my final answer. It’s a habit I still keep today — if something pleasant happens or if anything genuinely makes my day, I’ll plant a smiley face in my calendar.

Coding yields a very similar feeling to conquering hard calc problem sets. Getting to the final answer is victorious. And euphoric. It either works, or doesn’t work and that’s what I like about it.

I have an addictive personality that likes things very intensely. Coding is no exception. I’m making notes along the way because it’s the best way I learn – when I rephrase things in my own doodles, explanation etc.

So internet friends, if you’re looking to learn code, there’s no better time than now. It’s all at your fingertips, scattered across the interwebs on so many brilliantly designed websites. Just do it and don’t look back! You’ll be grateful for the time you put in and your neurons will thank you for sparking them alive again.

(Make it known that I put in some code joke at the end using “comments” and it obviously didn’t show up. Newbie mistake!)

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