Juice Press (E 1st store)

Tropizyme from Juice Press

Juice Press

70 E 1st St, New York, NY 10003

Everyone’s juicing these days. I see green juice like I see tomatos. I eat tomatos because I know they’re good for me. Likewise, I drink green juice when I’m not feeling 100% and want to feel like my gut is getting the flora it needs.

Juice Press seems to be taking over downtown and at a rapid pace. When I first started drinking green juice, I would frequent Organic Avenue or Juice Generation. I like Organic’s glass bottles, but when placed in my bag, they would spill everywhere. Juice Generation has a Hail to Kale I like to get — it mostly tastes like watermelon juice with a tiny hint of green. When I juice at home, I like to pack the kale in and add lots of lemon and ginger.

This morning both the roommate and I felt really under the weather. Two days ago, it was around 25C-28C in the city. People were decked out in shorts and girls were flaunting their legs in summer dresses. Today, it’s cold and rainy.

“You even brought your own canteen?” Anthony laughed as he filled it with water at his apartment yesterday.

“I just feel a little sickness coming on,” I replied as I sipped from my Kleen Kanteen.

Braving the rain and looking/being that I just rolled out of bed, I decided to head 20 blocks south to get that thing everyone drinks at Juice Press when they feel sick.

It was pouring on my way there and I as soon as I retracted my broken umbrella at the doorway, I looked to the fridge with all the juices placed in alphabetical order . There are metal plates on each rack, labeling the letter [A], [B], [C] and so on followed by the drink name.

“What do I get if I’m feeling a little sick,” I asked the cashier.

“It depends what symptoms you feel. Is it a cold, upset stomach?” she responded.

“I just feel a little something weird and want to stop,” I said.

My two options for banishing cold and flu were a) tropizyme and b) ginger fireball. I was told ginger fireball is more for upset stomach and tropizyme would be a better bet for nursing my health.

I grabbed a tropizyme ($7.99), a GLO ($7.99. Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange because I’m always up for a good grapefruit juice) and a Doctor Green Juice ($10.99)

If you like your esophagus attacked by the sting of ginger, drink the Tropizyme. With the first ingredient being pineapple juice, I thought it’d taste like coconut water, but in pineapple flavour. Instead, I got kicked in the throat with the spiciness of ginger and I’m one to juice with half a ginger. This probably makes sense since it only has three ingredients: pineapple, wheat grass and ginger. Between sips, I felt the ginger warming my throat and it actually felt kind of nice. The bottle is tiny and cute and girls like cute things. It’s like a square Chubby, remember those?

The GLO was fantastic. I was thinking it would taste like the grapefruit sorbet from il laboratorio del gelato – a very tart taste with sharp flavors from the bitter peel. There is NO acidic residue on the tongue like from other citrus drinks. I think it even cleansed my palette. Out of this world good!

Doctor Green Juice goes down very smooth. All of Juice Press’ juice are consistently smooth, which would be impossible homemade unless strained multiple times. I would classify this as a “beginners juice” since you can barely taste the kale. Try it through a straw — you don’t even taste it. The only trail of kale is the colour and the whiff that you get when going in for a slurp. It’s good, but wouldn’t be my choice of green and especially not at $10.99 a bottle.

4/5 (docked one point for the staff)
I like that the bottles have their prices directly labelled on them. I enjoy the clever copywriting and the listing of ingredients, calories and vitamins. However the real estate for print gets a little messy after that — just packed with organic and green brainwashing, like “If it’s not organic, it’s not the earth’s fuel!” I rolled my eyes.

To me, the girls that work at Juice Press are the same girls that work at Aritzia or American Apparel. This is not a bar, I don’t need a lackadaisical attitude from you and I certainly don’t need to hear that you need to make a phone call and then brush by me as I’m signing my bill. (I just paid for two hours of your salary so crack a smile even if the ironic hair turban you have gives you a headache.)

I’d like to be greeted by a Pinkberry or Shake Shack employee because that makes it a happy experience that I’ll tell my friends about. Perhaps it’s an image thing, but the too cool hipster thing really made me just want grab my juice and GTFO instead of browsing the store and maybe buying a kale salad or the ridiculous grain sprouted cookie. This Soup Nazi mentality is so New York and I…will probably subject myself to it over and over for damn good juice.

Juicing can become quite expensive. The total for my three juices was $26.50. However, I’ve gone out and bought ingredients to juice and buying juice is actually more economical. Someone does it for you, there’s no clean up and all the ingredients are organic. Stores buy at wholesale and there’s no way you can compete with those prices.

If you’ve been looking to try out green juices, Juice Press is a good place to start. With their ever growing empire over New York City, finding a location near you shouldn’t be tough. They have a lot of flavours that can range from mild to intense, even for the seasoned ginger drinker.

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