A Group of “Us”

I wonder if there’s really a group of “us”? (No pun intended on the title, of course.)

I came across a bunch of blogs and websites for “life after new york”. Aside from the Thought Catalogue pieces written by 20-somethings that already are smitten by this city, the nostalgic trap of leaving New York City is a thing. It’s a very real thing that people flock together in groups together to lament. They write blogs and make lists of what they miss about New York. They post pictures of the street they used to live on and the most of them are in possession of an Instagram photo of the Manhattan night line from the Brooklyn side.

By group of “us”, I don’t strictly mean transplants. I mean international students that have been cloaked in the good and bad of New York and have just started to feel like a New Yorker, whatever that means.

I sent a few of those blogs to my friend Aby and he replied, “Yikes, there’s a group of US?” But I’d like to be a different group from that group. I don’t want to return home/be deported home with a New York crown. Living in this city doesn’t make me better than anyone else, but it sure puts you on your A-game all day every day. I will depart with joy and gratitude — because they are choices I can make

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