Via Quadronno

The Non Ti Scordar di Me panini
The Non Ti Scordar di Me panini

Via Quadronno
25 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021

I never thought there’d be a day when I’d say “I hate this sandwich.” But today might be that day. Unfortunately, it cost me $16 and I ate it on the bench outside the tiny cafe.

I’d like to think sandwiches are the universal way to everyone’s stomach, except those who don’t like bread.

Since our plans were foiled by the rain to have a picnic in Central Park, I called an executive decision and suggested we raincheck. I literally had $1 in cash and knew finding a cafe or restaurant would be my best bet for using my card.

Around the area of Madison and 73 was Sant Ambroeus (Squee! One of my fav Italian sandwiches is from here!) and Via Quadronno. Since I’ve been to SA many times in the West Village, I decided to head on over to Via Quadronno, which has a 9.0 rating on Four Square. The pictures looked appetizing too. Upon arrival, it was also packed. A good sign.

I ordered from the take out menu. The rain was on and off so it was nice to sit on the bench under the owning. The crowd was one of the highlights – the usual Upper East Side yuppie family. So many Celine bags, Burberry coats, strollers and men with polos and khakis. True Connecticut bros and also the older well dressed grandparents — a white haired tall gentleman paired with an all too skinny grandma who most definitely was the belle of the UES in her glory days.

The take out menu is quite extensive in selection, but category wise, it’s the open faced sandwiches, regular paninis, “special paninis”, salads, pastas and pastries.

The internet said their panini was good so I ordered the Non Ti Scordar di Me. I didn’t see a veggie option or a chicken option. It was either ham, salami or prosciutto. To preface, I’m not a fan of prosciutto or any meats that taste raw.

But I’m a sucker for anything that says “award winning” and got that sandwich.

Never mind the wait, I enjoyed the people watching time I was allotted. Never mind the expensive price of a sandwich 3/4 the size of a banh mi from Banh Mi Saigon. The atmosphere certainly made up for part of it.


When I opened the tin foil, I was surprised there was not a single trace of green. Granted, the menu read prosciutto, fontina and pate. I was still hoping for a few slices of tomatos and arugala.

The bread is very crunchy and buttery (same consistency as a french baguette that a banh mi comes on), but the prosciutto is difficult to eat in one bite. It was as if I tugged all of the prosciutto out and only had bread left. Secondly, it was a very salty sandwich. Maybe from the meats or the cheese, but it was difficult to finish eating. It’s a very rich sub that keeps you very full, but I wasn’t particularly satisfied. My stomach was full, but my mind cheats by thinking of the salad I need.

I was kind of annoyed it wasn’t cut in half. I just like my sandwiches to be convenient.

It’s not that the quality of the panini wasn’t good, but just elements of it I did not like. I haven’t figured out if I even like Italian sandwiches. I’m leaning towards no, although the chicken cutlet sandwich at SA West Village is outrageously good and at the same price point. (It has veggies in it.)

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