From The Kitchen

From The Kitchen: Coconut Curry

I love curry. Japanese style, Indian style, Malaysian style, Hong Kong style – whatever, because it’s so tasty.

For a while, I experimented with a lot of coconut products. This is a recipe I came across and is now my best impromptu dish that can be vegetarian friendly, meatarian friendly and even paleo friendly. It’s also SO simple and healthy.

Coconut Curry
Coconut Curry, Soba, Edamame

I had gone to Cocoron in the Nolita and gotten a curry dip soba, which I tried to emulate here.

The recipe goes like this:
-coconut milk
-any veggies you want
-any protein you want

Cover veggies and proteins with coconut milk. Add curry powder (till it’s quite yellow in colour), cayenne pepper (if you like it more spicy), dry basil, dry bay leaf, salt, black pepper and simmer.

Curry Simmering
Curry Simmering

I usually like to add carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower. Depending on how mushy you like each veggie, add it earlier or later into the pot. The longer you simmer, the better the flavour is.

This is also great for left overs. Since it’s made with coconut milk, it congeals and stores easily.

Have it over rice and you won’t be able to stop. Have it on it’s own and it’s delicious, healthy and nutritious. It’s easily re-heated in the microwave as well.

On the first day, I had it with soba noodles, dipping it in and drinking the curry as a broth. On the second day, I had the BFF over and got jasmine rice from the Thai place across the street. The next day, she made the curry herself.

Try making this for your next planned meal and marvel at how easy this delicious recipe is. Have fun!

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