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Spicy Garden, NO CHEESE, Pesto base from Posto's
Spicy Garden, NO CHEESE, Pesto base from Posto’s

Posto Thin Crust Pizza
310 Second Avenue
NY, NY 10003

I’m not a pizza lover even though I know loving pizza is as trendy as loving Lebron James or Kanye. And especially New York pizza, which to me is far too sloppy, cheesy, gooey — everything someone wants in a slice of za.

But Posto is a pizza joint I miss so, so much now that I’m back in Toronto.

My roommate in New York works a 9-5 and hardly cooked. By the time she got home, all she wanted to do was hang out on the couch and have dinner. Very often, she’d order from Posto, cue an episode of “The Real Housewives” and call it a night. I asked her once if the place was any good, since the large Posto pizza box would appear on our kitchen counter three or four nights a week.

My ex-roommate is 5’2 and very tiny. But by evidence, she could eat a large Posto pizza no problem. I was baffled.

The one time that she was home in CT, I decided to dip my toe into the (pizza) water.

I ordered the personal size, whole grain crust, no cheese, pesto base “Spicy Garden”. It was delivered under 15 minutes, as it should since it’s only one avenue east and 2 small blocks north. I think with tip it totalled $15 or $17.

All I can say is, I now constantly dream of eating this pizza…and I’ve prefaced by saying I don’t even like pizza. Though I don’t think we can call this pizza. In a review article, Jimmy Fallon called the pizza a “cracker” and then was denied entry into Vezzo and the owners had a fight with him via Twitter.

If you’ve ever had flatbread crackers, this is it. My pizza was literally a cracker with toppings.

Without the cheese and changing the base to pesto, it’s a completely new creation. If it were tomato based,  I don’t think the nuttiness of the pesto would compliment the cracker crust as well. The sweetness of the marinara base would probably make it taste more like a traditional pizza.

I also love that they are not stingy with the zucchini. On my roommate’s large pizzas, they usually shave off half a stalk of zuch, grill it and slap it down. I can’t complain about the veggies on the personal sized one though. It’s like a forest floating on pesto.

The zucchini is meaty enough that you don’t miss any meat. The broccoli is crisp and not over cooked. The sliced jalapenos bring a pickled spicy flavour that cuts through the grease, even sans cheese. The mushrooms also are a nice toss in for a different texture.

The only other time I ordered from Posto, it was the same order and I loved every bite of cracker crunch.

I’ve also had pizza at Vezzo, sister store to Posto, with the same menu and owner. My dinner companion likes it traditional, so we had a regular pizza. It was tasty, but unfortunately because the concept is to make a “cracker crust” pizza, the toppings overwhelmed the crust and became soggy. I also felt kind of sick – not food poisoning sick, but cheese not settling well in my stomach kind of sick.

It really comes down to the what toppings you put on your pizza in order to remain faithful to the “cracker” feel. Any kind of heavy cheese will render the pizza less cracker like and more like a traditional thin crust.

I acknowledge that it’s a pricey pizza and more economical for the large, but even a small personal pizza is worth the Andrew Jackson/$20 bill.

I say try it with cheese and then try it without to see which you’d prefer. You can also build your own pizza and request half the pizza to be something and the other half to be something else.

Now, can someone deliver a wheat crust, no cheese, pesto base “Spicy Garden”? Please and thank you!

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