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Bondi Burger from Ruby's
Bondi Burger from Ruby’s


219 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10012

There was this one time in the office, when I was interning in SoHo, that Shannon and I planned on going for lunch. We were office brats, eager to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. (The day before she dragged me onto the blocked off street to catch a glimpse of Zach Efron filming his new movie.)

She talked about moving into the city, and I vented my visa woes.

For two people that only met for less than a few weeks, we had become really good friends already. On our work emails, we’d send each other funny LOL gchats and smirk across the office. You know, work gal pal stuff. (Hi Shannon, if you’re reading!)

It was nearing Shannon’s last day and we decided we’d explore the east side of Nolita more. We ended up at Ruby’s.

Even during the lunch rush, we were able to nab a seat inside the cozy cafe. On both sides are benches against the wall and most tables only accompany two people. For some reason, it seemed like everyone inside was Australian or had an Aussie accent.

Shannon got a Diet Coke to start, which came in a cute glass bottle. Very SoHo of that drink.

The tables were very close together, so we tried not to glance over at other people.

We sat right by the cash/kitchen, which we were mesmerized by because literally it was no bigger than a standup shower and the chef was able to make everything on the menu in that space.

Adjacent to the kitchen is this square manhole, where a waiter would climb up and down, carrying ingredients. Again, the space was literally a square tile and someone just kept zipping up and down. Oh those Aussie waiters!

Both Shannon and I had the Bondi Burger, which was filled with chicken, tomato, lettuce and mayo. It was grilled panini style and came with a side of mixed greens.

The grilled bread was perfect – crispy without being dry. The chicken was not piled on too thickly and just the right seasoning. The best part for me was the mayo spread that was on there. It was beyond a vinaigrette mayo. The spread was tangy, but sweet and soaked into the bread nicely, but also coated the chicken enough that the chicken didn’t taste dry.

Definitely worth a re-visit, or an initial visit based on the food. The space is bright, cute and small, definitive of cafes in Nolita. Be warmed of the “washroom”, which composes of a sliding door into a space filled with a raised sink and toilet.

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