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From The Kitchen: Slaw and Salsa

Red Cabbage Slaw
Red Cabbage Slaw

Cooking and cleaning (and bringing feminism back 50 years) are things that put my mind on autopilot and help me focus on the task at hand. The dirtier the stove, the more enjoyment I get out of conquering that grease stain. Type As, ya get me?

Trying to catch the tail end of summer, I decided to make two simple dishes that just scream warm weather. You can have these alone or on the side. That night we had them with fish tacos. 

Red Cabbage Slaw
1) Slice your cabbage as thin as possible, after taking the core out. I prefer to slice before I wash. This way I don’t have to deal with watery leaves.

2) The vinaigrette is fresh squeezed lemon juice, fish sauce and a bit of sugar — all to taste, in whatever proportions you like. If you don’t have fish sauce, omit it. If you have rice wine vinegar instead of lemons, go wild. My philosophy with  impromptu cooking is not to let anything hinder you.

3) Add chopped cilantro and let slaw mingle.

4) Add toasted sesame seeds before serving, to add a nutty flavour. One time I made it with crushed walnuts and the slight bitterness in the nuts cut through the tartness of the slaw quite nice.

Cucumber Corn Salsa
Cucumber Corn Salsa

Cucumber Corn Salsa
For this salsa, I used cucumbers, canned corn, tomatos, cilantro, japalenos and lemon juice. Salt, pepper, mix. Again, use whatever you’d like and leave out whatever you don’t like. You can add red onions, green onions, assortment of peppers etc.

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