From The Kitchen

From The Kitchen: Baked Potato Chips


Granted homemade baked chips are time consuming, but you don’t feel as bad eating them as you would store bought ones. (Still had a handful of pomegranate seeds after…)
And needless to say, it’s a very simple recipe.

Wash potatoe, cut (I used a mandolin), soak in water to alleviate the starch, lay flat on silicon mat (tin foil or parchment if you don’t have the mat — but don’t forget to grease the surface) and bake. There are various times and temperatures online — I just experimented with one at 275C for 1.5 hours. Next time I’m gonna try high heat and less time.

I seasoned them with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. They came our super crispy and dry, but with a slight bitterness. Maybe store bought chips also add sugar?

Season to your hearts content, with whatever you’d like. Onion powder, dry rosemary and Mrs. Dash are next on my list.

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