From The Kitchen

From The Kitchen: Mom’s Hand-Pulled “Zha Jiang Mien”


The few days before I went home to visit my parents for Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted Zha Jiang Mien. The last time I had it was ages ago. Knowing my own version would never be as good as Mother&Co.’s I asked if she could make it for me when I was at home.

(Our Thanksgiving meal deserves its own post entirely so…be hungry for it. #GloriousGlutton.)

Anyway, these noodles were hand pulled and individual portions were cooked by Mama in a double broiler type of pot. On top of the noodle, to add a different texture, Mom blanched bean sprouts. I personally added lots of cilantro (that was left over from Thanksgiving) and it was an excellent choice since it cut through the saltiness of the meat sauce and added another dimension of flavour.

The meat sauce is basically ground pork, tian mian jiang (aka sweet soy bean paste) and cooking wine.

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