From The Kitchen

From The Kitchen: Red Curry Noodle Soup


Are you feeling sluggish and overwhelmed by holiday treats? Do you feel like it’s a never ending calendar filled with food dates? Me too.

I had a slight aversion to meat yesterday, after the family consumed a Christmas Eve feast and hot pot for Christmas day. Today I tried out a recipe I’ve had pinned for a while: Red Curry Noodle Soup. 


The recipe calls for shredded chicken breast, but I opted for the veggie filled option.

For my veggies I used:
-young pea shoot leaves
-bean sprouts

For the soup base:
-chicken broth
-red curry paste
-fresh lime juice
-fish sauce

-crushed peanuts

I cooked the pho noodles in a separate pot so it wouldn’t thicken the soup. After the dried noodle softened, I shocked it in cold water to further rinse out the extra starch.


With this amount, I made two servings. The soup was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Extremely tangy and tart (like tamarind), but flavourful.

photo 5

The crushed peanuts are key because of the texture change and the nuttiness it brings to the sour soup. (Hmm…perhaps I went a little heavy handed on the limes.) Looking forward to making this again and mixing and matching my ingredients.

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