MADE IN CANADA: EP.1 Wooffles & Cream


I’m thrilled to share the series that I pitched, produced and edited for Yahoo Canada. (With a female videographer–hello!)

In the first episode of  Made in Canada , I profile the boss ladies from Wooffles & Cream, who also happen to be my friends from high school.

To know our high school’s ethnic breakdown of 49% Asian, 49% South Asian and 2% other, is to know the pressure for every immigrant child to either be in finance or medicine. We didn’t celebrate the arts, creativity or anything other than high academic achievement on tests. To do what you love while having parents that tell you their friend’s kid who graduated from (insert all ivy leagues) makes (a lot of money), has a bunch of (insert material things) and is the same age as you….is not easy. Putting in work and paying your dues in any industry is not glam and the grind won’t look good on Instagram. And no one will tell you this because all that’s acknowledged is the perceived success on social media.

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