[VIDEO] Chop Chop TO profile


The moment I learned that a Taiwanese mom was involved in running this restaurant, I knew it was more than just about food. Thanks to my parents for forcing me to go to Chinese school every Saturday for 10 years…because I interviewed Mama Tiao in Mandarin, making sure she was comfortable enough to tell her story. There were Toronto publications that posted the menu and some glossy photos, but I wanted to find out much more. I instinctively knew there was much more. And I’m so glad I did because these are the people that build our community and connect us by feeding us!

“Keeping it all in the family is fairly typical of a Chinese business, but this pointed to the universal love language of Asian parents who don’t show physical affection: I love you so I will help you and give you everything I can.”

Asian kids, ya’ll feel me?

Below is the video profile of Chop Chop TO for NextShark’s NomTime:

Producer: Amy Chyan

Videographer: Rosa Park

Editor: Amy Chyan

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