The irony of social media

The irony that I work in media, mostly online, and have developed a crippling anxiety with browsing through all the Internet is real, guys.

Is it okay if I admit it here, on my own site? I feel like it’s some kind of taboo thing to say out loud without having gasps rotate through the office. How many monitors at work is too many? How many tabs do we physically and mentally keep open – switching back and forth, eyes darting up and down, hands scrolling as our brains are buzzing.

This is not particular to my job or my company. We’ve adapted to to this pace of work and it’s expected.

However, how often do you go home, feeling burned out from all the sensory overload only to veg in front of the computer or aimlessly scroll through your phone?

I recently had a dinner where I put my phone away for over 90 minutes (I put a timer on! Ha!) and it felt liberating. I should also add I was eating alone and the entire restaurant only had tables for individual diners. Other than paying attention to my food and surroundings, I was able to let my energy mellow out, at its own pace.

At the pace it deserves.

Not the urgent kind we often force ourselves to do every day, where your kinetic energy becomes a frazzled ball we force back into place.

It’s this nudge from myself to disconnect that on my two recent trips in the past half year – to LA for my 30th and to Bali for bridesmaid’s duty, had me wondering “If I’m not going to post any photos, why am I taking these pictures?” I’ve never been about broadcasting my life online or writing my ~feelings~ into haikus, but I do the occasional posts on my personal accounts. (In 2.5 years, I posted 6 Instagram photos. You do the math.)

I find it irritating when I’m on a trip and people who I’m traveling with are busy social media-ing, texting or using their phones. They’re not even breathing in air! Relax! Put the phone down! Stare into the distance for a while, ya? Immerse yourself in the surroundings, will ya? For me, I had the best night in Bali listening to waves from the ocean and star gazing, in which I was lucky enough to catch three shooting stars! ! !

My favourite vacations as of late have been very much in solitude. Traveling alone is not something new to me – but purposely finding public space where I can be alone is and it makes the world seem so much smaller.

I’ve taken a short break from Twitter and Instagram as an experiment to see how I’d cope. I’ve had more time to garden and I’m trying to sign up for more activities afterwork. For example, I’m right in the middle of my beginner adult ballet course!

In the works: more advanced ballet classes after my 9 week course ends, more leisure writing for this site! and to spend more time with people I love with OUR PHONES PUT A WAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Try it, and let me know how you like it.

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