Open Access – Kenya

Happy New Year everyone. Sending warm wishes from Taipei. Below is a video I edited recently for EIFL on Open Access in Kenya. “Open access is a powerful solution to the barriers that researchers in developing and transition countries face trying to access and share critical research that can improve people’s lives.”

Recent articles written for NBC

Hi friends and internet lurkers, Check out some of my recent articles for NBC News. Taiwan’s Same Sex Marriage Law Languishes in Political Purgatory From Dumplings to Bubble Tea, Asian Street Food Goes Artisanal Despite Drought, China Dives into ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  

Co-Working With Nature

I’m really growing (pun intended) into our garden – front and back. My herb garden is thriving and being used. The veggies are slowly growing out of their planter size. The peonies, roses, wild flowers, jasmine bush, raspberry bush. The endless floral arrangements I can forage are so beautiful. What a gift from Mother Nature.

Spring in NYC

Waiting for two friends to indulge in some Shake Shack. (Photo by: Amy Chyan. April 17, 2014)

From The Kitchen: Sea Salt Nutella Fudge & Nutella Walnut Cupcakes

My elementary school gal pals and I have a holiday gifting tradition of “hand-made” only. This was prior to Pinterest so we must’ve been poor high school students. I’ve stitched hearts onto fleece blankets, made mason jars full of mulled wine ingredients, boxes of matcha chocolate chip cookies with peppermint bark etc. This year, I…

From The Kitchen: Red Curry Noodle Soup

Are you feeling sluggish and overwhelmed by holiday treats? Do you feel like it’s a never ending calendar filled with food dates? Me too. I had a slight aversion to meat yesterday, after the family consumed a Christmas Eve feast and hot pot for Christmas day. Today I tried out a recipe I’ve had pinned…

From The Kitchen: Baos & Rolls

My dad has always been extremely cautious about food safety, chemical additives, preservatives etc. When we were kids, we were scolded for having anything that had artificial colouring in it. The delicate thousand year old egg dishes, whether with smooth tofu as a side dish or diced up in congee, Anderson never ordered. “Too much…