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Hi Internet Lovers & Haters, Friends & Strangers,

I will be starting a series dedicated to Taipei on this site. Whenever a friend visits Taiwan, I have to go back into my inbox and find my list of suggestions for their Taipei rendezvous – I figure why not share it here. Whether it be what to eat (duh, stereotype of Taipei), what to do, where to get massages, Taipei on a budget etc. I will be sharing my own experience here.

I will tell you that there is a world outside of Din Tai Fung and that after a year of living above a convenience store, even a tasty 7-11 onigri will start tasting like plastic. (But I will teach you how to take the sleeve off that onigri cuz that takes forever to figure out.)

When a visiting friend asked where I had been in Asia, I told him I don’t really like to travel. (Usually, I like to immerse myself and explore a city really well – on foot, by bike, gazing out the train window like I’m in some music video. I’m sentimental like that, an Aquarius loyalty trait.)

Anyway, I know my Dad has my website on his bookmark, so Hi, Dad!